We are a foremost organization for providing a diverse grade of the Car Cleaning Machine. The Car Cleaning Machine is provided with robotic undercarriage wash gantry with nine oscillating nozzles on a moving gantry covering every corner of the outer body, front to back and side washing with foam and wax in up, underbody, and down cycles. To wash the car outer body and achieves good cleaning on dirty vehicles.

Nissan Clean India has been in Car Cleaning Machine manufacturing, and supplier. And has required technical expertise with a team of technical expert professionals having manufactured various products for the Car Cleaning Machine. The company has already successfully completed various installations of Car Cleaning Machine at various locations across India. Car Cleaning Machine has been developed and is installed and currently in operation at multiple locations.

Car Washing System manufacturers India

We are among the leading suppliers and exporters making eco-friendly and touch free car wash, Touchless Car Wash system, Automatic Car Wash, Vehicle Cleaning Machine, Cleaning Equipments etc.

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