Automatic car wash equipment is superior cleaning equipment that provides effective and quick washing of the cars of all kinds. The body of the system is fabricated from galvanized steel that is coated at front with the aluminum composite panel. It contains PLC control panel of SIEMENS.

Automatic car wash equipment is provided with soft foam brushes to offer gentle wash. It is provided with soft foam EVA brush. It contains 2 vertical brushes, 1 horizontal brush and 2 wheel brushes.

A nozzle is used to spray water drops on the body of the car. Again nozzle sprays liquid foam to entire body. Fresh water is sprayed after rubbing and scrubbing of the car. Entire procedure is followed by on-board contour following blowers to get neat and clean appearance of car.

Automatic Car Wash Equipment | Automatic Car Wash | Automatic Car Wash System

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